Timelines, Oil on Canvas, 16 x 8 ft. 2000




The story is already written,  it just needs to be transformed into language.  - Julio Cortázar


I created this project in order to observe the act of painting by following a set of  instructions: render 45 small paintings on the same field as opposed to change canvases for each painting. I was looking to reduce the work to a figure-background relationship (literally) and the level of decision making close to zero. I came up with a horizontal redline across the canvas and independent miniature paintings rendered right above it, as a compositional start point. I browsed magazines looking  to randomly-select figure-images. Then, I  painted one at a time also in random order, as accurately as possible. I was to be "true" by copying the image to the best of my ability.  When I was finished, in order to look at the entire sixteen foot long canvas I had to step back so far out that the  line of images became a line of miniatures.  The work was more like a type of distance than it was a painting:, the walkable  distance between the viewer and the miniature.  

I went back into this piece looking to turn it into a painting. I knew I had to tell some lies. It seemed like I had to create some fiction to make it become a painting. I added more elements following no structure or reason and I looked at Cy Twombly 1961 "Triumph of Galatea". The line somehow exploded, as I used the color combinations that were already there as a reference in order to activate the space. In terms of text, I included more images that I actually liked to accentuate meaning, The original images I painted in the beginning represented a selection of some kind that revealed particularities taken from a different consciousness. 


Timelines , Selected Detail, Oil on Canvas, 2000.

Timelines, Selected Detail, Oil on Canvas, 2000.