This  free-style series was motivated by a general interest in painting  not so much as the illusion of space, but as an event that takes place over a surface.

To start with a color field and explore saturation through glazing. That alone as an event, a relationship and an entryway to relating to life via materials, liquids, tools and colors is a valid reminder of the spiritual realm.  

Then, those images suggest figurative arrangements, that I proceed to elaborate from my imagination. I am super focused, or at least look to be focused, on juxtaposing different actions, so that I can explore velocity in the act of mark-making. I want to know there are slow-acting effects under fast paced disruptions, for example.

Using a brush, I paint everyday found-images and study drawings that I have made or gathered, and that are scattered around me during specific periods of time. That is relevant for me. Images that intercept my reality within the parameters of a specific period and the things that happen around them. Are these in consequence or is it the opposite?. These works, I feel present surface as a continuum that is reflective of emotional circumstance. Also, they are a place where I get to resist sameness and branding. 

I also am ( always ) very motivated by the search of that which resonates over text.

Whether quickly or slowly fashioned, "the house", "the doll", "the shadow", "the flower" etc,  crafted matter  subverts the machine-made: permanent structures that would otherwise reflect no trace of human scale.