Blue City

The Blue City, oil and acrylic on wood, four panels 3 x 4 ft. ea. 2015


THE city


This collection of paintings, is my attempt to explore the city by interpreting my own collage work. I subject that cutout esthetic to my chalky palette and extend that to a life-size  format (from hand-held to room-size). The installation format can also be read as collage but on actual space. When translating information for a particular end, the actions over the plane of representation are methodic, slow and controlling. The idea takes over and in a way reduces the act painting to a structural fill in the blanc. But for my collages, reminiscent of barrios and favelas, it is the natural route. Since I created them in the space of the page, necessarily very small, to enlarge them represents a flow feel. Also, looking, often times for me means painting, same as to pen down on paper a thought that is floating in the brain, there are surprises in these translations, contradictions and parallel levels of perception.