Artist Statement

 In this web-project I catalogue my work in three categories:: oil painting, space investigations, (where my collage progressions and site-specific installations belong), and conceptual / collaborative projects, (last two, under construction).

  I make art in order to render visible a personal and aesthetic territory where I get to think about the way reality is constructed. I look to create spaces that address perceptual as well as social questions as we  relate to the material world. 

  My hope is to represent a reminder of spatial tension and the tactile as a valuable human faculty - I believe it is conducive to developing among other things, our capacity for intuition. Things like care, get to be re-lived by looking at brushwork, a form of velocity-document. By looking at the crafted scale of the art object we may be reminded that technology gets but to sprinkle the pulse of the complex context we are living in. I am interested in exploring the way meaning is made.